All dog foods are required to meet certain nutritional standards so manufacturers must add the minimum amounts of vitamins and minerals. Like any other ingredients, these can vary in quality and in how well the body can absorb them. This is where the addition of a nutritional supplement can make the difference for your dog.

As a supplement for all life stages Allstar Canine provides the building blocks to grow and maintain healthy bodies as well as the essential nutrients for seniors when their calorie intake is reduced.

Allstar Canine is a blend of whole food concentrates rich in essential nutrients to promote healthy skin and coat, aid digestion, support immunity and sustain joint mobility.

For joint protection and maintenance glucosamine sulfate has been added to cushion and lubricate your dog’s joints.  an easily absorbed natural substance to help maintain healthy joints.

Simply add this complete supplement and know that your dog has the necessary nutrients to grow, play and age as your friend and companion.

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